NPI Communications is a reseller of Google email and services. Enjoy all the typical services that comes with a Google account for your own domain.

Advantages of using Google services with us

Maintain your own online identity and presence

You can maintain your online identity and presence using your own personalized domain while also utilizing all of the services that are associated with a Google account including Playstore, Drive, Sheets, etc.

Professional and Local Support

By using Google services with us, you have access to professional and local support to assist with migration and set up. For businesses with a small or no IT department, this helps save both time money. In cases where businesses might not have their own domain, we can assist with purchasing and setting up the domain.

More affordable than other email providers

Using a Google account with us is more affordable than with other popular email providers but also have the added benefit of all other Google services that they do not have.

No need for additional software

There is no need for additional software such as Excel and Word since these accounts have access to Google’s online applications to perform these functions all inclusive on your plan.