Dam Braunvieh and Braunvieh get across ladies is sexually adult at the a beneficial young age

  • Longevity – This new feature life of the new breed is extremely clear throughout the Brownish Swiss. As reproduce is afterwards maturing than many other types, cattle often reach their peak from inside the fifth or later lactations. Particular types find it difficult to started to which phase, as the energy of the Brownish Swiss allows these to direct a lot of time productive lifestyle.
  • Power & Hybrid Vigour – Brown Swiss cattle try cows of good material and you can strength. Sensation of having cows ‘wade down’ having metabolic dilemmas or other reason are uncommon around Brown Swiss citizens.
  • Brownish Swiss try distinguished because of their character whenever crossed with other dairy types or even for you to fact that have beef types too, when you look at the basically improving the creation and you may power of your own father or mother breed. This is apparent throughout the world on the tropics for the alpine regions.
  • Braunvieh bulls try known for their scrotal and you will testicular innovation at the an early age and are generally capable, fruitful breeders from the a dozen to help you fourteen months old.


Gains Braunvieh-get across girls lead 5% significantly more weaning pounds versus antique Hereford-Angus mix lady and regarding cuatro% to help you eleven% a great deal more weaning pounds than just about any most other Continental mix people. Financially, one commercial cow-calf driver that improve pounds from calf weaned for each cow launched by the cuatro to 11% features a significant financial possible opportunity to improve the herd’s profit prospective. By the combining so it calf weight-per-cow-established virtue towards the 7% boost in conception rates in the access to Braunvieh bulls, the economic virtue for making use of Braunvieh genes gets extreme. The following chart suggests Braunvieh’s advantage to have calf 2 hundred-go out lbs for each and every cow opened.

Milkiness Further research throughout the Us Meat Animal Lookup Cardiovascular system reveals as to the reasons Braunvieh and you can Braunvieh-mix ladies generate instance a great mothers. The fresh day indicates that they rebreed and you will calve toward a frequent base and you can milk products good enough to create hefty lower legs at the weaning.

If calves was in fact DNA verified on the sire breed, the analysis heart unearthed that 68% of lower legs were Braunvieh-sired

Calving Enhanced Calf Success: 10 to 15% Increased growth of crossbred calves: cuatro so you can eleven% Increased weaning pounds due to more milk: cuatro so you’re able to eleven%

Bull A noted illustration of Braunvieh fertility arises from Colorado A good&M Browse Heart, Uvalde, Colorado, in which, included in research New Hampshire dating site project, the center turned out four Braunvieh bulls and five bulls regarding another temperature-tolerant reproduce that have 266 crossbred cattle.

At the You.S. Beef Creature Lookup Cardiovascular system (MARC), Clay Heart, Nebraska, it actually was found that average period of puberty to own Braunvieh mix heifers was 332 days and also the % regarding Braunvieh cross heifers expecting during the 550 weeks are 93%. Such numbers is graphed so you’re able to instruct a comparison toward Braunvieh mix ladies instead of additional breed crosses contained in this MARC study.

Meat The newest quality out of Braunvieh genes for creating significantly more weight regarding marketable weight was first confirmed in the All of us Beef Creature Search Cardiovascular system where Braunvieh-get across female put cuatro% a great deal more calf pounds for every single cow established than simply its nearest fighting reproduce cross.

Braunvieh cattle have a tendency to normally weigh 1,100 to 1,500 weight and you may mature bulls 1,800 to help you 2,500 lbs. When you find yourself average in dimensions and you can frame, Braunvieh females and you may bulls commonly spread its muscle mass, top quality levels, rate of growth and you can effective provide conversion on the progeny. The cost of gain getting Braunvieh and you can Braunvieh-mix cattle is much like, otherwise less than, any other types and you may, since they’re away from modest dimensions and also have the built-in element to help you degrees options, Braunvieh and Braunvieh-get across cattle shall be harvested off an effective feedlot situation at an excellent live lbs one to takes away days to your offer most other Continental types simply take to arrive valuable status.

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